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Ever since its foundation, Spanish in Cadiz [s.i.c] has strived to establish innovative teaching methodologies to optimise the learning of Spanish. We conceive Spanish language learning from an communicative, integral approach, and thus not merely the transmission of concepts. We are oriented towards the development of new abilities and aptitudes in our students.

We have developed an interactive methodology to foment not only the learning of the Spanish language, but also its assimilation. Our method is structured in different levels to enhance the acquisition of linguistic and grammatical aspects of Spanish, but also the culture and the more subtle ways of communication. Our staff is composed of university graduates in Spanish Philology and Spanish Literature who work together as a team to capacitate students in effective Spanish communication.

Spanish in Cadiz, has at its disposal the best means, both material and human, to enable its students to master all language skills (written and oral comprehension, communication, and reading) necessary in the process of acquiring the ability to communicate in a new language.


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"Cadiz offers all the best aspects of Spain: culture, sunshine, beaches and Andalucian ambience. The friendly teachers and welcoming atmosphere at SIC seemed a part of this: our morning classes quickly became an enjoyable experience. A structured, professional approach helped us get to grips with grammar suited to our level, while making room for conversation and discussion. The teachers' grasp of Spanish language and grammar was impressive and reassuring whenever we had doubts or queries. We would recommend SIC to anyone wanting to learn the language in a truly Spanish context!"

Marc McDonagh

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