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Did you know?

Is the web safe?

Yes, both the registration form, and credit card page use a 256 bit SSL Certificate, encrypting all information that you send to us.

Do I need medical insurance

Citizens of other European Union countries do not need additional insurance, since there are health care agreements with all other E.U. members. We recommend you check with the health care agencies in your country of origin. For non European Union citizens we recommend, as with all other trips, you hire medical insurance when you book your trip. Whether or not there is public health care for you depends of country-to-country agreements.

What coin is legal tender in Spain?

From the 1st of January, 2002, the official currency is the Euro.

Can I cancel my courses?

For our cancellation policy, please visit General Conditions.

Once in Cadiz, can I change my lodgings?

All our lodgings, whether with families or in apartments, have been previously checked and inspected, in order to make your stay in Cadiz as enjoyable as possible. This notwithstanding, if a problem were to arise, we will try to solve it to suit your needs.

Can I make use of SIC facilities without additional cost?

Yes, SIC offers you free Internet access, learning resources and materials, audiovisual materials and a calling and messages reception service.

Is there a contact for emergencies?

SIC has a 24 hours emergency service for its students and family. The number will be forwarded to you upon registration.

Can I change course levels?

Through the use of our placement test and personal interview, we strive to place you at the appropriate course level. However, depending on the individual learning rhythm, the student can, in conjunction with his/her teacher and the Academic Director, change levels where appropriate.

Can I stay an extra night in the accommodations?

Whenever is possible we have no problems for students to stay extra nights in our accommodations, nevertheless, extra nights must be reserved well ahead of time. The cost of an extra night in low season is 20 euro. In high season the cost of extra nights have a surcharge of 10 euro per night.

What size are the class groups?

In low season groups range from 5 to 7 students, in high season groups range from 7 to 9 students.

What is included in the registration fees?

Registration fees include: the number of class hours detailed in the course, use of our facilities, lodgings, class materials (books, photocopies, binder, welcome folder, orientation folder. Extra-curricular activities are not included in the registration fees.

What are the transfer costs?

In the even that the student books and individual transfer "door to door" the current 2014 rates would be:

Jerez Airport: 85 euro

Seville Airport: 175 euro

Malaga Airport: 295 euro

The role of the transfer service company is not only to provide the transfer service. As we pay them to deal with any unusual or usual circumstances concerning an arrival flight, e.g. arriving late or lost luggage. The actual driver will aid the student or students to claim the luggage, write the form and give the address. where they are staying.

If the luggage is lost - the airline responsibility is to send the luggage in the NEXT available flight into the arrival airport - if that is the case, once the student receives the claim number, we will do the followup from our offices. Once the luggage is found and brought to the arrival airport we will inform the student on how to proceed with the matter.

Finally, for collective transfers, send us an email so se can send you a personalized price quote.

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