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Spanish for Tourism and Hostelery: this course is designed for students with a certain level of Spanish who, due to their academic studies or professional careers need to acquire communication skills in the tourism sector for specific situations (commercial mail, travel agencies, tourist guides, concierge, rates, restaurants, lodgings). The students have the opportunity of setting the syllabus in which they are most interested.

The "Spanish for tourism purposes" course runs Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 14:30 and is divided into three parts: Theory, Practice and private lessons "One-to-One Spanish for tourism"

The theory part concentrates on the grammatical aspects of the language. After imparting new concepts the students do practice exercises in order to assimilate them.

In the practice class the students learn and put into practice, in real or simulated situations, how to effectively communicate in Spanish. This part of the course stresses the acquisition of new vocabulary, using readings, tapings, videos and press articles. It also offers the possibility of gaining fluency in expressing oneself through debates, representations, etc. 

Both parts are taught by different professors, so that students get used to different accents and styles of teaching. All our classes take part in small groups so the learning rate is quite fast. Our teaching staff always uses the 'communicative' method of language teaching. The teachers encourage students to develop conversational skills and self-confidence, rather than asking them to chant verb conjugations or spend silent hours perusing lists of prepositions.

Caractéristiques du cours

  • Niveaux A2 +, B1, B2, C1, C2.
  • 7 étudiants ou moins par groupe.
  • 30 classes.
  • Date de début: Tous les lundis ...
  • 30 leçons hebdomadaires: 3 leçons de grammaire et 2 de conversation par jour + 5 leçons de "one-to-one espagnol pour le tourisme" par semaine ...
  • Du lundi au vendredi de 9h00 à 14h30 ...


  • Méthode communicative centrée sur l'oral.
  • Matériel de travail inclus dans le cours.
  • Professeurs natifs et qualifiés.
  • Formation continue des professeurs.


  • Pour rencontrer des gens et continuer à pratiquer l'espagnol.
  • Gratuits et ouverts à tous les étudiants.
  • Pour tous les goûts : loisir, culture, sport...


  • Wifi gratuit.
  • Livres et films en espagnol.
  • Informations touristiques
  • Bibliothèque espagnole avec des ressources d'enseignement / apprentissage.
  • Réduction spéciale dans une salle de sport locale.

Programme "Immersion totale"

  • Uniquement pour les élèves de Spanish in Cadiz.
  • Accès à un programme spécial pour tirer le plus grand profit de votre séjour à l'école.

Combinez votre cours

  • Con clases privadas un à un.
  • Con surf, flamenco, guitare española.

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