Spanish in Cadiz

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The experience was very positive.  My husband is 'post retirement' teaching in Madrid and my  objective was to learn some basic Spanish during a week residential course.    The course was tailored to meet my slow learning... leer más

Diana Dixon

I recommend this school wholeheartedly. I had studied Spanish in five schools before this, in Spain and in Latin America, and my experiences had been very good, but Spanish in Cadiz sits head and shoulders above the rest. I spent a... leer más

Stephen G

I have attended S.I.C four times and plan to return in 2020. Classes are small, the pedagogy excellent and the teachers are very well prepared. I highly recommend the school for students of any age.

Alma Lones

My son (17 years) and his friends had a great experience this summer with Spanish in Cadiz. I was very happy with the host family selected by the school and Alejandro Ulloa was very accessible and informative. The students also were very positive... leer más

David Conlan

A really great school in an incredible city.

I was initially worried about coming away on my own and was finding it hard to decide where to study, but I absolutely made the right choice. From the moment I walked through the... leer más

Ben Harrison

I have a deep appreciation for Spanish In Cádiz because I was able to reach a very high level of Spanish in a short period of time. I arrived at the school knowing the very basic words that anyone would know in Spanish and left,... leer más

Manuela Paul

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