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Our Spanish Language School combines the teaching of Spanish with a wide variety of cultural and leisure activities such as: visits to museums, cinema, flamenco, sport competitions between teachers and students, welcome parties, games… We hope all this will make your stay amongst us an unforgettable experience. Located in Cadiz, this Southern, three-thousand year old city is considered a privileged tourist and language-learning destination. One must emphasize the city’s magnificent climate, its enormous and beautiful beaches, without forgetting its historical and cultural relevance.

Spanish in Cadiz offers personalized teaching designed to suit your needs. Our team strives to make of Spanish learning a unique experience. It combines, in an ideal environment, an academic language and culture immersion programme with relaxed and friendly social relations.

Our method, flexible and interactive, is divided into different learning levels designed to enable our students to acquire the grammatical, linguistic and cultural knowledge necessary to master the spanish language.

We invite you to contact us and SICalize your learning of Spanish.

Best regards,
Luis Garrido
Academic Director


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This was one of my best ever learning experiences combined with one of my best ever holidays. I've moved from an absolute beginner to an intermediate level student in three weeks, and made lasting friends. Thank you Spanish in Cadiz!"

Lee Phillips (UK)

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