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Cultural Activities in Cadiz


You will find, integrated in our teaching programs, many visits and activities for our students. Additionally, we offer other optional cultural visits and weekend trips whose objective is to familiarize students with Spanish culture and way of life in general and, particularly, with Andalucia and Cadiz.

Included in your program you will find a weekly guided tour of the city and, either a beach party or a night out with students and teachers to see the best nightlife Cadiz has to offer. We have weekly film sessions: placing a special emphasis on Andalusian films. There is also the possibility of attending talks and conferences on such varied topics as:

Architecture in Cadiz

Contemporary Andalusian Literature and Art

The history of Cadiz


Andalusian cuisine


Holy Week

Other optional visits include: guided day and weekend trips to some of the most important cultural and historical cities in our region: Seville, Cordoba, Granada, and, in the province of Cadiz, Jerez de la Frontera, the White Villages, and magic Castellar de la Frontera.

We also offer an in-depth visit of Cadiz, visiting museums, churches and the Tavira Tower, and visits to some of the most important archaeological sites in the province. We offer visits to all the places mentioned under the link of “Cadiz, the Province”.

Among the leisure activities we organize for our students are: golf, water sports, horseback riding, and risk sports. We also offer the possibility of arranging courses in any of the many sport schools which exist in the province.

As part of our cultural activities we offer the possibility of attending flamenco music and dance shows, or taking part in our guitar or dance courses.

We have special programs scheduled throughout the year:

Carnival week its history, repercussion for the city, symbolism, and participation.

Holy Week its history, symbolism, tradition, and brotherhoods, visit to the most important highlights.

NOTE: All the optional activities are subject to a minimum and maximum number of participants and to seasonal planning. We recommend you check availability at the time of registration.

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Adorei estudar em Cádiz! As praias são lindas e a cidade maravilhosa! Fiz um curso de 2 semanas e foi incrível, pois aprendi bastante coisa em pouco tempo. O método é bem rápido e dinâmico.Os professores são bem atenciosos e o ambiente da escola super familiar. Estou agora morando em Sevilla, fazendo universidade, mas já morro de saudades de Cádiz, espero voltar logo, pois lá tem um astral muito massa."

Elisa (Brasil).

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